Friday, June 14, 2013

To My Dear Bosconians

Forgive me, my dear boys. I do not mean to sound like the Rector Major; however, I address you now as a fellow Bosconian who have graduated from Don Bosco many, many years ago, and still carry his teachings in his heart to this day. I write to you to tell you something that you probably do not realize yet: that it is truly a blessing from God to be a Bosconian.

It is enough for you to be young for Don Bosco to love you! 
Whenever my friends introduce me to other people, they always say: Bosconian 'yan! We Bosconians aren't known to be the smartest, nor the most good-looking. And yet, once people know you as a Bosconian, people automatically think highly of you, and expect much more from you. Why is that? What sets the Bosconian apart?

Before I answer that question, let me remind you of some things you should never forget.

Don Bosco was fond of telling his boys to "do your ordinary duties extraordinarily well". God wants you to be happy, and that happiness can only be achieved by striving for holiness. How do we achieve that holiness? By doing the best we can in every thing we do, whether it be our studies, or washing the dishes, or playing sports.

Guess what? When we grew up and entered the work force, the whole company expected nothing less than the best from us. When God gave us our families, we were expected to be the best husbands and daddies, no less. In our society today, we are all called to be brave and exemplary Catholics who live and share their faith and follow the teachings of the Church; Don Bosco wouldn't have it any other way, believe me. When you do your ordinary duties extraordinarily well, you are preparing your heart to live a life of love, and your soul for eternal life.

I am sure you know of a certain boy who once said "Death rather than sin." To do our duties as Christians means to avoid sin at all costs, even to the point of death. Do not think that this is impossible, nor should you think that you should abandon this great ideal just because you repeatedly fall into sin. Saint Dominic Savio was also young boy like many of you who strove to be the best. Make Jesus and Mama Mary your best friends by visiting the chapel at least once day and frequenting the sacraments of confession and communion. I know you need to stay connected with your friends, either through Facebook or through your cellphones. Jesus wants you to stay connected to Him because He is your best friend.

Have you been trying to be a saint?
Never let go of these habits, my dear Bosconians. When you retain these habits to your adulthood, and you suddenly feel the raging tempests of temptation and tribulations, you will feel strong and unafraid, for Jesus has made you strong. It is at that point that you will feel so blessed to have been picked by Mama Mary to study in Don Bosco.

We have asked the question earlier: what sets us Bosconians apart? I would like to believe that people regard Bosconians highly because people believe in Don Bosco's way of producing not only upright citizens but saints. Saints!

You are all blessed to study in Don Bosco. You are all called to shine and shine the brightest, not in the future, but now. Our society and the Church needs holy Bosconians to be the vanguards of the faith. Strive not to be the best, but to be the holiest by doing your best even in your smallest duties.

Saint John Bosco, pray for us! Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us!

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